Cerca London

Cerca offers a unique service for students.

Whether it’s your first year in London or you’re simply relocating, our team will find your London pad.

We provide two packages for students:

FeaturesCerca BlueCerca Bespoke
Personal Property Consultant (PPC)
Search on your behalf
Chauffeured tour with PPC Standard CarExecutive Car
Pick up & Drop off
Negotiate on your behalf
Video viewing while abroad
Tenancy agreement Review

Cerca Blue

Through years of experience helping students find their London pads, we fully understand how demanding the moving process can be. Our team is compromised of members who were once in your shoes and know exactly what you are looking for. Cerca Blue is a service that specifically caters to students and their lifestyle.

  1. We gage a detailed understanding of your specific requirements and university location.
  2. Our team recommends specific areas according to transport convenience, your budget and lifestyle.
  3. We will then appoint a Private Property Consultant (PPC) according to your approved area.
  4. Your PPC will handpick matching properties, producing a custom shortlist with our recommendations.
  5. Once you decide on your preferred choices, your PPC will take you on a chauffeured tour at a time of your convenience.
  6. After determining your favoured apartment, your PPC will be available to guide you and submit your offers.
  7. Once the deal is agreed, we will put you in touch with the corresponding agent.
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Cerca Bespoke

Need an even more personalized service? Not a problem – our luxury package offers an exclusive service for discerning students, who have specific requirements. With Cerca Bespoke, we go that extra mile to ensure you are advised and protected at every step, ensuring an effortless experience.

Additional benefits:

  1. Once the shortlist is approved, our PPC takes you on a chauffeured viewing tour. For those of you living overseas, we will visit the property and take a detailed video.
  2. After selecting your property of desire, our team will begin vigorous negotiations on your behalf.
  3. Our experts will review your Tenancy Agreement for unreasonable clauses to prevent any unfair treatment.
  4. Cerca Care. A complimentary service where we make sure we represent you for the first six months, should any issues arise between you and your property manager or landlord.
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